safety valve

The best extra-pressure protection device takes care of press equipments, container and on-line pipe. when mediums pressure rises over the allowed pressure , safety valve will automaticaly open and fully discharge to protectthe equipment from pressure going on rising and will automatically close when the pressure lowers to the setting pressure .

The valve bonnet of sealed safety valve prevents dustand foreign matters from invading. meanwhile protect toxic combustible media from overflowing . the valve bonnet of open safety valve can favor the spring seat in lowering temperature inside of . it is mainly used for the pipeline and container with steam medium . the safety valve with a radiator is suitable for the medium with a temperature over 350 °c.

The safety valve with lever , it makes use of open manually when the media pressure over 75% of setting pressure .

Full lift safety valve opening heiht is more than one fourth times of the flow diameter . it has an advantage of discharging greatly . low lift safety valve valve opening height is between one twentith to one fortiegh times of the flow diameter.

Name Size Material Working pressure Where use
pressure brass safety valve 1/8” 1/4” 3/8” 1” brass body,rubber hat 5-230PSI aircompressor, steam boiler,oil & gas equipment