pneumatic cylinder stainless steel tube

  • Stainless Steel Tube is especially designed for Pneumatic Cylinder use, like MA cylinder, DSNU cylinder etc.
  • Outside Diameter: 3 to 60mm  Thickness: 0.2 to 6mm
  • Material Grades: 0Cr18Ni9(304),00Cr19Ni10(304L),0Cr17Ni12Mo2(316),00Cr17Ni14Mo2(316L),0Cr25Ni20(310S),0Cr26Ni5Mo2(329),GH3030,3039,3600…
  • Accords to standards:
    ASTM Standard: GB/T14976, GB/T14975, GB/T3090,A269, A213, A312, A490…
    DIN Standard: DIN17456, DIN17458…
    EN Standard: EN10216, EN10305
    JIS Standard
  • Both inside and outside the roughness of up to Ra0.2-0.4, both inside and outside the tolerance zone by up to 0.03mm;

Size Datasheet:

Products (mm) Inside (mm) Outside (mm) Coaxiality (mm) Cylindricity (mm)
ID6(7×0.5) ID6(+0.04/-0) OD7(+0.03/-0.03) 0.02 0.04
ID8(9×0.5) ID8(+0.04/-0) OD9(+0.03/-0.03) 0.02 0.04
ID10(11×0.5) ID10(+0.04/-0) OD11(+0.03/-0.03) 0.02 0.04
ID12(13.4×0.7) ID12(+0.05/-0) OD13.4(+0.05/-0) 0.02 0.05
ID16(17.4×0.7) ID16(+0.05/-0) OD17.4(+0.05/-0) 0.02 0.05
ID20(21.4×0.7) ID20(+0.05/-0) OD21.4(+0.05/-0) 0.025 0.05
ID25(26.4×0.7) ID25(+0.05/-0) OD26.4(+0.05/-0) 0.025 0.05
ID32(33.6×0.8) ID32(+0.06/-0) OD33.6(+0/-0.05) 0.03 0.06
ID40(41.6×0.8) ID40(+0.06/-0) OD41.6(+0/-0.05) 0.03 0.06
ID50(52×1) ID50(+0.1/-0) OD52(+0.1/-0.1) 0.04 0.07
ID63(65×1) ID63(+0.1/-0) OD65(+0.1/-0.1) 0.04 0.07